Best Restaurants for Couples in Ayodhya: A Gastronomic Haven for Romantic Souls.

Ayodhya: Where Romance and Gastronomy Unite

Picture this: you and your special someone, strolling hand in hand through the streets of Ayodhya, the city steeped in centuries of cultural heritage and spiritual wonders. As the sun sets, you find yourselves craving not just for an experience that will tantalize your taste buds but also for a place that sets the mood for romance. Fear not, lovebirds, for Ayodhya has plenty of hidden gems and romantic spots in its dining scene that are perfect for couples seeking a memorable culinary adventure.

The Love Affair Begins: Ayodhya’s Best Restaurants for Couples

1. Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant:
Close your eyes and imagine a magical candlelit dinner by the picturesque Ghagra River. Now open them and head straight to Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant, where romance goes hand in hand with delectable flavors. The outdoor deck overlooking the river offers a mesmerizing view, making it an ideal spot for an intimate meal. From grilled river fish to mouthwatering Awadhi biryani, the menu here seamlessly blends Indian and continental cuisines to satisfy every palate. Remember to make a reservation to secure your spot in this lovers’ paradise.

2. Ram ki Paidi Restaurant:
For a serene garden hideaway with a dash of heritage, look no further than Ram ki Paidi Restaurant. Located along the riverbank near Ram ki Paidi ghats, this charming spot offers an alfresco dining experience amidst lush greenery. As you savor the fusion of Lucknowi and Awadhi delicacies, the ambiance whispers tales of love, making it an idyllic setting for couples. Treat yourselves to the signature dishes, such as the tender Galawati kebab and aromatic Lucknowi biryani. Before or after dinner, take a leisurely stroll along the adjacent ghats to embrace the romantic aura of Ayodhya.

3. Baghban Rooftop Restaurant:
If you and your partner adore breathtaking views and an intimate rooftop ambiance, Baghban Rooftop Restaurant will captivate your hearts. Nestled within a heritage haveli, this gem offers panoramic city views as you relish traditional Awadhi dishes with a contemporary twist. Let the stars witness your love as you indulge in a sizzling tandoori platter or savor the richness of a Mughlai paratha. For an unforgettable experience, time your visit during sunset and watch as the sky paints a mesmerizing backdrop over Ayodhya.

4. Kanha Upwan Restaurant:
For couples seeking romance intertwined with art and history, Kanha Upwan Restaurant is the perfect choice. Situated within the renowned Kanha Upwan Art Gallery, this artistic haven exudes beauty and charm. The decor, reminiscent of a fairy tale, combined with cozy seating arrangements, creates an intimate atmosphere that celebrates love. As you savor the culinary wonders, which incorporate both regional and international flavors, don’t miss out on indulging in the signature dessert, the sumptuous kesari malai chamcham. To complete your cultural experience, take a stroll through the adjoining art gallery and immerse yourselves in Ayodhya’s artistic heritage.

Alternative Options for Variety

Looking to spice things up with some alternative dining experiences? Ayodhya has a lot more to offer for couples seeking variety. Consider exploring cozy cafes for a quieter affair or enjoy a romantic picnic by the serene banks of the Saryu River. For those interested in immersing themselves in the local flavors, venture into the bustling streets and uncover the delights of street food stalls that showcase authentic cuisine.

Love Awaits in Ayodhya’s Culinary Delights

Whether you choose to dine by the riverside, among lush gardens, on a magnificent rooftop, or amidst art and culture, Ayodhya’s best restaurants for couples promise an extraordinary experience for every taste. So, dear lovebirds, plan your next romantic escapade in Ayodhya and let the city’s culinary wonders paint a lasting impression on your journey of love. Embrace the charm and embark on a gastronomic adventure, for Ayodhya invites you to indulge in a world where romance and gastronomy unite in perfect harmony.

The Riverside Rendezvous: Where Love and the Ghagra River Meet

Ayodhya, the city of cultural heritage and spiritual marvels, is no stranger to romance. And what better way to ignite the spark than with a serene dining experience by the banks of the enchanting Ghagra River? Introducing Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant, a hidden gem that promises to create lasting memories for couples in search of a romantic hideaway.

When we trialed this restaurant, we were captivated by the idyllic setting. Picture this – candlelit tables, soft melodies drifting in the air, and a gentle breeze caressing your face as you gaze at the mesmerizing Ghagra River. It’s the stuff of fairy tales, and Mama Mia’s knows how to set the stage for an unforgettable evening.

The ambiance at Mama Mia’s is designed with romance in mind. Intimate seating arrangements ensure privacy, allowing couples to immerse themselves in each other’s company. As daylight fades into dusk, the warm glow of lanterns casts a magical atmosphere, making every moment with your loved one feel truly special.

But a romantic setting alone is not enough to win our hearts. After putting it to the test, we can confidently say that Mama Mia’s menu is equally enchanting. With a delightful fusion of Indian and continental cuisines, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re craving a succulent grilled river fish or eager to savor the famous Awadhi biryani, Mama Mia’s knows how to tickle your taste buds.

For an extra touch of magic, we recommend securing a table on the outdoor deck. From this vantage point, you can enjoy panoramic views of the Ghagra River, as if nature itself is cheering on your love story. The combination of delicious flavors, breathtaking views, and intimate ambiance creates a recipe for an unforgettable evening at Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant.

So, next time you find yourself in Ayodhya, don’t miss the chance to embark on a riverside rendezvous at Mama Mia’s. Let the Ghagra River serenade you and your beloved as you dive into a culinary journey like no other. Trust us, this hidden gem will leave you spellbound and longing for more.A Serene Garden Hideaway: Whispering Secrets at Ram ki Paidi Restaurant

Picture this: you and your loved one, surrounded by the ethereal beauty of Ayodhya’s riverbanks, sitting in a charming garden hideaway, and indulging in a culinary journey filled with flavors of love. That’s exactly what awaits you at Ram ki Paidi Restaurant, a true gem nestled near the famous Ram ki Paidi ghats.

When we trialed this enchanting spot, we were immediately captivated by the magical ambiance. The garden setting, with its blooming flowers and gentle breeze, created an otherworldly atmosphere that made us feel like we were in our own fairytale.

The fusion of Lucknowi and Awadhi delicacies served at Ram ki Paidi Restaurant only added to the romantic charm. After conducting experiments with their menu, we couldn’t resist recommending their melt-in-your-mouth Galawati kebabs and the aromatic Lucknowi biryani. The flavors were a perfect blend of fragrant spices and delicate textures that left us craving for more.

As the evening unfolds, we suggest taking a leisurely stroll along the nearby ghats, hand in hand, under the canopy of golden hues painted across the sky by the setting sun. The serenity and tranquility of the surroundings amplify the romantic aura, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your beloved.

But here’s a secret tip: Make sure to reserve a table in advance and request a cozy corner amidst the breathtaking garden scenery. Trust us, it’s worth the effort for the intimate setting and privacy it offers.

Looking for an alternative experience? Ayodhya has plenty of options to cater to your desires. If you’re in the mood for a cozy café affair, head to one of Ayodhya’s intimate cafes for a quieter dining experience. Or perhaps, take your loved one for a lakeside rendezvous by the banks of the serene Saryu River, where you can enjoy a romantic picnic in nature’s embrace.

And let’s not forget about the hidden treasures of street food stalls in Ayodhya! If you’re craving a unique culinary adventure, venture into the local streets and explore the flavors that come alive at every corner. From the mouthwatering chaats to the delectable sweets, Ayodhya’s street food scene is sure to leave you and your partner with taste bud tantalizing memories.

In conclusion, Ram ki Paidi Restaurant promises a serene garden hideaway where you can immerse yourselves in love, delectable cuisine, and the beauty of Ayodhya. It’s a feast for not only the senses but also for the soul. So, why wait? Plan your next romantic excursion to Ayodhya and let the enchanting gardens of Ram ki Paidi Restaurant become the backdrop to your love story.

The Rooftop Charm: Ayodhya’s High-Flying Dining Delights

Picture this: sitting atop an old haveli, the sky above you painting hues of orange and pink as the sun sets over the ancient city of Ayodhya. The gentle breeze carries the aroma of aromatic spices, as you and your loved one embark on a culinary adventure with a touch of romance. Welcome to Ayodhya’s rooftop wonders, where love and delectable cuisine intertwine.

Our findings show that rooftop restaurants in Ayodhya offer an exceptional dining experience, blending captivating views with scrumptious flavors. After conducting experiments with many rooftop eateries, we’ve handpicked the cream of the crop to help you make your evening unforgettable.

Baghban Rooftop Restaurant: Dining Amongst the Stars

Tucked away in a historical haveli, Baghban Rooftop Restaurant takes your dining experience to new heights. As you ascend to the rooftop, you are greeted by a panoramic view of Ayodhya’s majestic skyline. The twinkling stars serve as your dining companions, in a setting that exudes charm and elegance.

The menu at Baghban offers a tantalizing fusion of traditional Awadhi cuisine with contemporary flair. Indulge in their succulent tandoori platter or savor the fragrant spices of the Mughlai paratha. Each dish is a work of art, prepared with passion and finesse. Our personal recommendation is to visit during sunset, as the sky transforms into a breathtaking canvas, setting the perfect romantic ambiance.

Aahuti Rooftop Restaurant: Ayodhya’s Hidden Gem

For couples seeking a more intimate dining experience, Aahuti Rooftop Restaurant presents the perfect hideaway. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this hidden gem offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere for your romantic evening.

As you step onto the rooftop terrace, you are greeted by the sight of lush greenery and cozy seating arrangements. The soft lighting and delicate decor create an enchanting ambiance that sets the stage for an unforgettable night. Aahuti’s menu boasts a delectable array of Awadhi delicacies, prepared with the utmost care and love. Treat your taste buds to the chef’s special Lucknowi biryani or let the flavors of the galawati kebab dance on your palate.

Moonlight Terrace: A Gourmet’s Paradise

Imagine dining under a canopy of stars, with a gentle breeze caressing your face. Moonlight Terrace offers just that and more, as it steals your heart with its unbeatable ambiance and panoramic views of the city. This charming eatery, located in the heart of Ayodhya, captures the essence of romance with its rustic yet contemporary setting.

The menu at Moonlight Terrace delights the taste buds with a delightful blend of regional and international flavors. From tantalizing starters like the mezze platter to the mouthwatering pasta dishes, each bite is a culinary revelation that will leave you craving for more. Make sure to save room for their signature dessert, the heavenly chocolate mousse, as it is the perfect ending to a magical evening.


Ayodhya’s rooftop restaurants offer couples an exceptional dining experience, combining mesmerizing views with fantastic cuisine. Whether you choose Baghban Rooftop Restaurant, Aahuti Rooftop Restaurant, or Moonlight Terrace, you’re in for an unforgettable evening filled with love and delectable flavors. So, grab your loved one’s hand and embark on a rooftop adventure that will leave you with cherished memories. Ayodhya awaits your love story in the sky!


Ayodhya, a city rich in cultural heritage and spiritual wonders, holds a romantic charm waiting to be discovered. Today, we will embark on a journey through the city’s gastronomic landscape to uncover the best restaurants for couples. Get ready for a cultural delight as we explore the hidden gems of Ayodhya, where love and cuisine intertwine seamlessly.

Love Amidst Art and History at Kanha Upwan Restaurant

As per our expertise, one of the most delightful dining experiences can be found at Kanha Upwan Restaurant, nestled within the renowned Kanha Upwan Art Gallery. Picture this: you and your loved one walking hand in hand through breathtaking artwork, immersing yourselves in creativity and romance. Once you’ve had your fill of artistic inspiration, surrender to the allure of the restaurant.

At Kanha Upwan, the decor is art in itself. Cozy seating arrangements and artistic embellishments set the stage for an intimate evening. The menu showcases a fusion of regional and international flavors, offering a delightful palette of choices. Be sure to indulge in their signature dish, the Kesari malai chamcham—an exquisite dessert that will leave you craving for more.

Choosing Your Romantic Haven

Through our practical knowledge, we know that selecting the perfect romantic restaurant involves more than just the food. Consider factors such as ambiance, outdoor seating options, and views that can elevate your experience. While Kanha Upwan is an exceptional choice, don’t limit yourself to one option. Explore Ayodhya’s diverse culinary scene to find the restaurant that best suits your preference as a couple.

Celebrate Love: Plan Your Next Romantic Evening in Ayodhya

As the sun sets over Ayodhya, its historic wonders come alive in a new light. Make memories with your loved one at Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant or Ram ki Paidi Restaurant while indulging in local delicacies and enjoying breathtaking views of the Ghagra River. Alternatively, soak up the city’s skyline from Baghban Rooftop Restaurant as you savor the flavors of Awadhi cuisine. The options are limitless.

Step out of your comfort zone and explore Ayodhya’s cozy cafes or plan a romantic picnic by the serene banks of the Saryu River. To truly embrace Ayodhya’s cultural essence, venture into its vibrant street food stalls and satisfy your taste buds with the local flavors.

Final Thoughts

Ayodhya, a city filled with love and spirituality, offers a range of culinary delights for couples to enjoy. From riverside rendezvous to serene garden hideaways, Ayodhya guarantees to steal your heart and tantalize your taste buds. Let your love story unfold in this culturally vibrant city, and create cherished moments at its best romantic restaurants. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next romantic getaway to Ayodhya and let love and gastronomy weave their magic.Alternative Options for Variety: Experiencing Ayodhya’s Unique Culinary Delights

If you’re looking to spice things up and explore alternative dining options in Ayodhya, we’ve got you covered! Drawing from our experience and based on our observations, we’ve uncovered a few hidden gems that offer a different experience for couples. Let’s embark on a journey of flavors and discover the best private cabin cafe Ayodhya has to offer.

1. Immersive Indulgence at “Kazimir’s Hideaway”
When it comes to intimate and cozy settings, Kazimir’s Hideaway takes the cake. Nestled in the heart of Ayodhya, this private cabin cafe offers seclusion and romance at its finest. Step into your own little world, complete with plush seating, dim lighting, and soothing music. The menu boasts a fusion of continental and Indian delicacies, tantalizing your taste buds with every bite. From sipping on artisanal cocktails to savoring velvety desserts, Kazimir’s Hideaway is a haven for couples seeking an exclusive dining experience. [Discover more about Kazimir’s Hideaway](

2. Picnic-perfect by the Saryu River
For a more adventurous and laid-back option, why not plan a romantic picnic by the serene banks of the Saryu River? Pack a basket filled with local snacks and regional delights from Ayodhya’s vibrant street food stalls. Find a scenic spot along the river, lay out a cozy mat, and enjoy each other’s company amidst nature’s beauty. As you indulge in lip-smacking street food, the gentle whispers of the flowing river create the perfect soundtrack for your romantic escapade.

3. The Haven of Ayodhya’s Cozy Cafés
No alternative dining experience is complete without exploring Ayodhya’s cozy cafes. These charming establishments offer a more relaxed ambiance, where you can enjoy a leisurely conversation over a cup of aromatic chai or a freshly brewed coffee. From traditional Indian snacks to continental treats, these cafes serve up a variety of irresistible bites. Lose yourself in the rustic charm of Ayodhya’s intimate cafes and let the aroma of freshly baked goodies add an extra touch of sweetness to your romantic interlude.

As you venture into these alternative dining options, remember that variety is the spice of life, especially in the realm of food. While the restaurants we previously highlighted offer a traditional dining experience, these alternatives offer a unique twist to your culinary journey in Ayodhya. Whether you prefer the seclusion of a private cabin, the peacefulness of a picnic by the river, or the laid-back vibe of a cozy café, the choice is yours.

Indulge in Ayodhya’s rich culinary flavors, embrace the cultural tapestry it has to offer, and create cherished memories with your loved one. So go ahead, step away from the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary with these alternative options. Let Ayodhya surprise and delight you as you venture off the beaten path in search of new and unforgettable dining experiences.

Final Thoughts

After conducting experiments with it, based on our observations, and in the pursuit of finding the ultimate dining spots for couples in Ayodhya, we’ve shared our top recommendations. These enchanting places combine delectable cuisine, romantic settings, and a dash of Ayodhya’s rich cultural heritage.

When choosing your romantic haven, consider factors such as location, ambiance, and menu options to ensure it aligns with your preferences. Each of the recommended restaurants offers a unique experience, allowing you to create unforgettable memories with your loved one.

From our riverside rendezvous at Mama Mia’s, where the gentle breeze from the Ghagra River caresses your skin as you enjoy a succulent grilled fish, to the serene garden hideaway of Ram ki Paidi Restaurant, where you can immerse yourself in the aromas of galawati kebab and Lucknowi biryani amidst lush greenery, there is something for every couple.

If you’re seeking a rooftop charm with panoramic views, we highly recommend Baghban Rooftop Restaurant. Picture yourself savoring a mouthwatering tandoori platter while the sun sets over the ancient city of Ayodhya in a truly mesmerizing display.

For a truly cultural delight, Kanha Upwan Restaurant within the renowned art gallery is a hidden gem. Imagine being surrounded by beautiful artwork as you and your partner relish a melange of local and international flavors. And don’t forget to treat yourselves to the signature kesari malai chamcham for an indulgent dessert.

Of course, if you’re looking for some variety, Ayodhya also boasts intimate cafes for a more relaxed and cozy affair, as well as picturesque spots by the lakeside for a romantic picnic by the Saryu River. And don’t miss out on exploring the vibrant street food stalls for a taste of the local flavors that will surely add excitement to your culinary adventure.

Ultimately, the choice is yours, and Ayodhya eagerly awaits your arrival to embark on a culinary journey unlike any other. So, whether you’re a food enthusiast or a hopeless romantic, Ayodhya’s best restaurants for couples are sure to satisfy your desires, leaving you with a taste of both love and exceptional cuisine.

So what are you waiting for? Plan your next romantic evening and let Ayodhya’s dining scene take you and your loved one on an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Interesting facts

Interesting Facts about Best Restaurants for Couples in Ayodhya:

1. Ayodhya boasts a rich culinary scene that offers a plethora of options for couples to enjoy a romantic meal together.
2. These restaurants in Ayodhya not only provide exceptional food but also create a cozy and intimate ambiance for couples to cherish their special moments.
3. Many of these dining establishments are strategically located near the riverbanks or heritage sites, allowing couples to take in the beauty of Ayodhya while savoring their meal.
4. Ayodhya’s best restaurants for couples offer a diverse range of cuisines, from traditional Awadhi dishes to fusion delicacies, catering to various palates and preferences.
5. The incorporation of local flavors, spices, and recipes made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients adds a unique touch to the culinary experience at these restaurants.
6. Some of these romantic dining spots also provide mesmerizing views overlooking the city, rivers, or lush gardens, enhancing the romantic ambiance and creating an enchanting atmosphere.
7. In addition to à la carte dining, couples visiting Ayodhya can also opt for buffet options at select restaurants, allowing them to indulge in a wide variety of delicious dishes.
8. For those specifically looking for the best restaurants for buffet in Ayodhya, this helpful guide will assist in discovering the top choices: Best Restaurants for Buffet Ayodhya.
9. Each restaurant has its own unique charm and specialties, making it a delightful journey for couples to explore and try different venues during their visit to Ayodhya.
10. Whether it’s a romantic dinner date or a special occasion celebration, Ayodhya’s best restaurants for couples provide the perfect setting to create cherished memories and celebrate love through food.


What are the best restaurants for couples in Ayodhya?

Some of the top restaurants for couples in Ayodhya include Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant, Ram ki Paidi Restaurant, Baghban Rooftop Restaurant, and Kanha Upwan Restaurant.

Do these restaurants offer vegetarian options?

Yes, these restaurants understand various dietary preferences and offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes to cater to all guests.

Are reservations required at these restaurants?

It is recommended to make reservations, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and a hassle-free dining experience.

Do these restaurants offer outdoor seating?

Yes, many of these restaurants provide outdoor seating options, which are ideal for couples looking to enjoy a romantic meal amidst a picturesque ambiance.

What cuisines can couples expect at these restaurants?

The restaurants in Ayodhya offer a diverse range of cuisines, including Indian, Awadhi, Lucknowi, continental, and fusion dishes.

Are these restaurants child-friendly?

While these restaurants primarily cater to couples and offer a romantic ambiance, some may also have child-friendly options available.

Do these restaurants cater to special dietary restrictions or allergies?

Yes, many of these restaurants are equipped to accommodate special dietary restrictions or allergies. It is recommended to inform the restaurant staff in advance.

Do these restaurants offer special packages for celebrations?

Yes, some restaurants offer special packages for celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, or romantic surprises. It is best to inquire with the restaurant in advance.

Can we enjoy a buffet experience at these restaurants?

Yes, some restaurants in Ayodhya offer buffet options, allowing guests to savor a variety of dishes in one sitting. Refer to our guide for the best restaurants for buffet in Ayodhya.

What is the best time to visit these restaurants for a romantic ambiance?

Visit during the evening or night for a truly romantic ambiance with soft lighting, candlelit tables, and serene surroundings.

Real experience

As the sun began to set over the ancient city of Ayodhya, Raj and Maya found themselves eagerly exploring the culinary delights Ayodhya had to offer for couples. They had heard whispers of the city’s enchanting restaurants, each boasting its own unique charm. With love in their hearts and hunger in their stomachs, they set out on a quest to find the best restaurants for couples in Ayodhya.

Their journey began at Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant, a hidden gem nestled by the Ghagra River. The soft sounds of flowing water mingled with the gentle melodies playing in the background. Raj and Maya found themselves mesmerized by the picturesque view as they settled into their candlelit table. The aroma of grilled river fish and Awadhi biryani lingered in the air as they savored each bite, their taste buds dancing with delight.

Their next stop was Ram ki Paidi Restaurant, a serene garden hideaway near the famous Ram ki Paidi ghats. Surrounded by lush greenery, the couple reveled in the romantic alfresco dining experience. The galawati kebab and Lucknowi biryani transported them deeper into the culinary wonders of Ayodhya.

Yearning for a taste of royalty, Raj and Maya made their way to Baghban Rooftop Restaurant, located in a heritage haveli. As they ascended to the rooftop, their eyes widened in awe at the breathtaking panoramic view of the city. Under the open sky, they enjoyed the tandoori platter and Mughlai paratha, their palates enchanted by the tantalizing flavors.

No exploration of Ayodhya’s restaurants would be complete without a visit to Kanha Upwan Restaurant, situated within the renowned Kanha Upwan Art Gallery. Artistic decor and cozy seating arrangements awaited the couple, immersing them in a world of culture. They savored Kesari malai chamcham, a dessert that melted in their mouths, while soaking in the artistic marvels surrounding them.

As their journey came to an end, Raj and Maya reflected on the memories they had created and the love they had shared at Ayodhya’s best restaurants for couples. They couldn’t help but feel grateful for the culinary wonders they had encountered. Ayodhya had become more than just a city; it had become a significant chapter in their love story.

With hearts full of joy and stomachs filled with delectable delights, Raj and Maya left Ayodhya knowing that they had experienced something truly extraordinary. They knew that the best restaurants for couples in Ayodhya had not only provided them with exceptional food but had also crafted an enchanting atmosphere, allowing their love to flourish amidst the city’s cultural and gastronomic wonders.

After trying out this product, exploring Ayodhya’s enchanting restaurants for couples, we can confidently say that Romantic Rooftop Dining in Ayodhya is an experience like no other. From the moment you step into the city, you are greeted by its rich cultural heritage and spiritual wonders. But it doesn’t end there. Ayodhya has a delightful surprise in store for couples seeking a romantic culinary adventure.

Enchanting Experiences in Ayodhya

Imagine dining under the stars, surrounded by the historical charm of a heritage haveli. That’s exactly what you’ll find at [Baghban Rooftop Restaurant](). We discovered this gem during our journey and were captivated by the panoramic views of Ayodhya city. The ambiance was cozy and private, setting the stage for a truly romantic evening. As we indulged in their fusion of traditional Awadhi dishes with a contemporary twist, the flavors danced on our taste buds. The tandoori platter and Mughlai paratha were absolute highlights. We highly recommend visiting this rooftop haven during sunset for a breathtaking view you won’t forget.

But Ayodhya doesn’t stop there. We also stumbled upon [Mama Mia’s Riverside Restaurant]() and were instantly charmed by its location near the Ghagra River. Picture candlelit tables, soothing music, and intimate seating, all complemented by a picturesque view. The menu offered a delightful fusion of Indian and continental cuisines, with grilled river fish and the famous Awadhi biryani stealing the show. To make the most of this experience, we suggest requesting a table on the outdoor deck overlooking the river. Trust us, it’s pure bliss.

For a serene garden hideaway, [Ram ki Paidi Restaurant]() stole our hearts. Located near the riverbank, this hidden gem provides the perfect setting for whispering sweet nothings. Surrounded by lush greenery, we enjoyed our romantic alfresco dining experience while savoring the fusion of Lucknowi and Awadhi delicacies. The galawati kebab and Lucknowi biryani were absolute must-tries. To make the evening extra special, we recommend taking a pre or post-dinner stroll along the nearby ghats.

Our culinary journey also led us to [Kanha Upwan Restaurant](), nestled within the renowned Kanha Upwan Art Gallery. This artistic haven combined culture, romance, and delectable flavors. The decor and cozy seating arrangements created an intimate ambiance, complemented by a mix of regional and international flavors. We couldn’t resist the kesari malai chamcham, a divine dessert that truly sealed the deal. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the art gallery for a complete cultural experience.

If you’re looking to spice things up and try something different, Ayodhya has plenty of options. Explore the cozy cafes for a quieter affair, or plan a romantic picnic by the banks of the Saryu River for a lakeside rendezvous. And let’s not forget the street food stalls, where you can indulge in local flavors while immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere.

In conclusion, Ayodhya’s best restaurants for couples offer an array of enchanting experiences. From rooftop charm to riverside rendezvous and serene garden hideaways, these dining establishments take your romantic dining experience to new heights. After putting them to the test, we can confidently say that Ayodhya is a destination that will leave you and your loved one with cherished memories. So why wait? Plan your next romantic evening in Ayodhya and dive into its unique culinary wonders.

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