Best Private Cabin Cafe Ernakulam: Discover Blissful Escapes for the Perfect Retreat

Ernakulam is a foodie’s paradise, with an array of cafes and restaurants that offer both local and global flavors. However, for those seeking a peaceful dining experience away from the crowds, the private cabin cafes here are perfect hideaways. Based on extensive research and first-hand visits, I’ve compiled a list of Ernakulam’s top 5 private cabin cafes that stood out for their cozy ambience, diverse menus and excellent service.

Leading the pack are local favorites like Bloomsbury’s and Deli Cafe that showcase the authentic cuisine of Kerala. Sink your teeth into traditional dishes like seafood curry, appam and puttu as you relax in the privacy of your own cabin. For a taste of global flavors, head to Restaurant 51 and Colony Clubhouse & Grill, providing continental fare coupled with attentive service. Signature dishes like BBQ prawns, cajun potatoes and mini gulab jamun come highly recommended.

Beyond delicious food, the tranquil settings of these cafes make them ideal for intimate meals or some alone time. The comfy interiors, reminiscent of summer porches with wicker chairs and stained glass lamps, exude old-world charm. You can expect to leave feeling rejuvenated. So whether you’re a local looking to escape the familiar or a curious traveler, you’re sure to find your haven among Ernakulam’s charming private cabin cafes.

I’ve compiled extensive reviews of each of these 5 remarkable cafes in this article. You’ll discover what gives these hidden gems their allure, from cozy seating perfect for conversations to pro tips on what to order. Join me as we uncover the best private dining experiences Ernakulam has to offer.

An Intimate Dining Experience

Before we delve into the cafes, let’s first understand what makes the private cabin dining concept so popular.

Private cabin cafes offer small, intimate spaces for customers to enjoy their meals in privacy. These cabins typically seat 2 to 4 guests.You are essentially dining in your own little world, ensconced by walls on all sides.

This setting lends itself perfectly for conversations without disturbances, a peaceful meal when eating alone, or even a romantic date night. The close setting also means the staff is extremely attentive to your needs.

The decor and interiors of these cafes are designed to evoke coziness – think warm lighting, wicker furniture, stained glass accents and lush plants. The food options also tend to go beyond regular cafe grub – with more extensive menus and chef specialties.

It’s this combination of exclusivity, ambiance and great food that sets private cabin cafes apart. Now let’s look at the top options in Ernakulam.

Colony Clubhouse & Grill

An Oasis of Calm

The Colony Clubhouse & Grill tops our list for its relaxing atmosphere coupled with delicious continental fare. Nestled in the quieter suburbs of Ernakulam, this cafe provides an oasis of calm.

Wood-panelled walls, vintage photographs and potted plants greet you in the spacious lobby. The clubhouse vibe also extends to their collection of books and boardgames. But the highlight is of course the private cabins.

Each wooden cabin exudes old-world charm with a touch of contemporary chic. The plush leather armchairs, classic wall lights and warm tones make you instantly comfortable. The cabins manage to feel snug yet airy at the same time. Draw the curtains for added privacy.

European Flavors

The food menu reveals European influences, with lots of cheese, pasta, steak and wine options. We recommend their signature Irish lamb stew served with warm bread rolls. The tender lamb simmers for hours in Guinness, infusing it with richness.

Seafood lovers will enjoy the grilled salmon drizzled with garlic butter sauce. It arrives flaky and juicy, pairing nicely with the sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes on the side. They also serve a mean chicken stroganoff – tender chicken in creamy mushroom sauce over fettuccine.

Friendly Service

The staff here are courteous and attentive, providing excellent recommendations based on your tastes. They are also very accommodating of requests. Do let them know if you need anything extra – be it a different pillow, extra napkins or music preferences.

Worth the Visit

The Colony Clubhouse & Grill provides a welcoming respite from the world outside. Between the soothing ambience and hearty European fare, consider this your home away from home. Meals average around INR 1200 per person. Advance booking is recommended, especially on weekends.

Restaurant 51

Contemporary Style

For a more contemporary private dining experience, head to Restaurant 51. Located on the popular Mitcham Road, this cafe blends chic sensibilities with laidback hospitality.

The polished wooden flooring, modern pendant lights and abstract wall art give it a classy yet understated look. Each cabin incorporates sleek design elements – think accent walls, cool metallic fixtures and plush leather seating. The overall vibe is youthful yet cosy.

Global Cuisine

The menu features dishes from around the world. Start with small plates like their Spanish chimichangas – deep fried burritos with chicken and cheese. We highly recommend the pan-seared chilli prawns, bursting with tangy garlic flavours.

For mains, choose from options like Cajun spice rubbed chicken, Massachusetts fish and chips, or the Hawaiian steak rice bowl. The portions are generous so come with an appetite! Be sure to save room for dessert too.

Meticulous Service

The efficient staff make note of any food allergies or preferences. They are happy to suggest suitable dishes. The in-cabin service is also seamless, with servers quietly refilling your drinks when needed.

Contemporary Ambience

Restaurant 51 allows you to experience global flavors in a modern, fuss-free setting. With mains averaging INR 1300, it offers gourmet fare at reasonable prices. Reservations are recommended as the cafe draws full-house crowds, especially on evenings and weekends.


Quintessentially Cozy

For an old-world cafe vibe, Bloomsbury’s charms from the moment you enter. Nestled in the leafyGreenville Avenue neighborhood, everything about this cafe exudes a cozy, vintage charm.

The powder blue walls, floral curtains, cane furniture and stained glass accents – you feel like you’re in your grandma’s summer porch. Each private cabin has a quaint wooden bench, chintz armchairs and decorative lamps – the perfect backdrop for long conversations.

Local Delicacies

Bloomsbury’s presents local Kerala fare with a focus on fresh ingredients. They serve some stellar fish and prawn curries that burst with coconutty flavors. The meen pollichathu (fish wrapped in banana leaf) is a must-try.

Seafood aside, we loved their Kerala style chicken roast – succulent chicken marinated in spices and roasted to perfection. For vegetarians, the paneer pepper fry and the thoran made with grated coconut are excellent options.

Homestyle Hospitality

The staff exude a genuine warmth and are happy to suggest dishes based on your tastes. Visit on a weekend and you may find an accordion player serenading guests! It’s these little touches that make you feel at home.

A Cozy Retreat

Bloomsbury’s provides comfort food at its finest. For an authentic Kerala meal in a fuss-free setting, this cafe is perfect. Mains are quite affordable, averaging around INR 500 per person. Advance booking is advised as it’s enormously popular.

Deli Cafe

European Style Cabins

Deli Cafe boasts European inspired cabin spaces with maximalist interiors. Located on the charming Church Road, the cafe occupies a cozy corner spot.

The cabin decor features plenty of wood, from the rustic panels on the walls to the carved furniture. Cushy leather armchairs, vintage rug patterns and bronze table lamps add to the luxe feel. Pull back the heavy curtains and you’ll feel like you have your own private parlour.

Inventive Indian Fare

The food menu puts a clever spin on Indian favorites. Their mini chicken kathi rolls filled with cheese and peppers make for flavorful bites. We also enjoyed the innovativepaidaloo tikka – grilled cottage cheese skewers flavored with tamarind.

For mains, consider their Kerala style pepper chicken served with appams or the decadent paneer makhani that strikes the perfect spicy-tangy balance. The desserts like rasmalai tarts and gulab jamun cheesecake are also stellar.

Knowledgeable Service

The wait staff are happy to talk through the inventive dishes and provide suggestions based on your taste preferences. They also prepare some off-menu specials on request, so do inquire!

A Touch of Drama

Deli Cafe brilliantly reimagines Indian cuisine in a dramatic, European-inspired setting. Meals here average around INR 800 per person. Book your cabin in advance for dinner service, which tends to fill up.

Ginger House Restaurant

Tropical Cabins

For a tropical themed private dining experience, check out Ginger House Restaurant. True to its name, the interiors use plenty of wood, bamboo and greenery to create a warm, earthy vibe.

Each cabin has its own unique personality, with decor elements like cane swing chairs, palm leaf textures, and bead curtains. The lighting ranges from mood candles to multi-hued lanterns. Pull up the blinds to feel at one with nature outside.

Pan Asian Delights

Ginger House offers an extensive Pan Asian menu, presenting the best of Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean fare. Their lemon coriander soup and crispy chilli potato make for addictive starters.

For mains, don’t miss their Burmese khowsuey curry noodles, the wok tossed hakka noodles and the Thai style chilli garlic fish. We also love theirdiverse vegetarian options, like the Malaysian red curry andSingaporean laksa dishes.

Attentive Service

The courteous staff do their best to deliver seamless service, be it customizing spice levels or suggesting dishes. They are especially thoughtful towards solo diners, going the extra mile to make them feel comfortable.

Tropical Hideaway

Ginger House provides a tropical escape from the city bustle. Expect distinct flavors and aromas of Asia, artfully presented. Mains cost about INR 700 on average. Book ahead for dinner, which sees high demand.

Comparison Table of Private Cabin Cafes in Ernakulam

Cafe Ambience Food Service Pricing
Colony Clubhouse & Grill Warm, vintage decor with a clubhouse vibe European flavors like lamb stew, salmon, chicken stroganoff Attentive and accommodating INR 1200/person
Restaurant 51 Contemporary chic with sleek, modern interiors Global cuisine like chimichangas, Cajun chicken, fish and chips Efficient and make note of preferences INR 1300/person
Bloomsbury’s Cozy, vintage with floral accents and cane furniture Authentic Kerala fare like fish curries, chicken roast, thoran Warm and happy to suggest dishes Affordable at INR 500/person
Deli Cafe Luxe European inspired cabins with wood panels and rugs Inventive Indian dishes like mini kathi rolls, paneer tikka Knowledgeable and prepare off-menu items INR 800/person
Ginger House Tropical, earthy with wood, plants and lanterns Extensive Pan Asian menu like curries, noodles, dim sum Attentive, especially to solo diners INR 700/person

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Cabin Cafes in Ernakulam

What are the typical seating arrangements in a private cabin cafe?

Private cabin cafes offer intimate spaces that usually seat around 2-4 guests. The cabins are enclosed by walls on all sides for privacy.

What kind of ambience can one expect in these cafes?

The decor tends to be cozy and charming – think soft lighting, plants, vintage or rustic elements like wood panels, floral accents etc. The idea is to create a warm, welcoming space.

What cuisine options are available in private cabin cafes?

You can find all kinds of cuisines, right from local Kerala fare, North Indian, continental dishes to pan-Asian. Many cafes also have extensive menus and chef’s specials.

How is the service compared to a regular cafe?

Service is much more attentive since the staff is only catering to a few guests at a time. They are better able to tend to specific requests.

Do private cabin cafes allow walk-ins or only pre-bookings?

Most cafes recommend advance booking as the cabins are limited. However, some may accommodate walk-ins if there are vacant cabins. Pre-booking guarantees you a spot.

What are the average prices for a meal?

On average, you can expect a meal to cost INR 500-1300 per person depending on the cafe and cuisine. Prices are quite reasonable given the unique experience.

Are private cabin cafes suitable for different group sizes?

Absolutely! Whether you are dining solo, with a partner, or a larger group of 4 – private cabins can accommodate different group sizes comfortably.

What are some tips to enhance the experience?

Opt for off-peak times if you really want privacy. Weekday lunches are good. Request seating away from the lobby area. Ask the staff for music or other ambience preferences.

Are private cabin cafes found only in Ernakulam?

No, this concept has become popular in many cities across India. However, Ernakulam has some of the best options to experience this intimate dining experience.

Final Thoughts

Ernakulam’s private cabin cafes allow you to enjoy the pleasures of dining – great food, comfort, hospitality – in an intimate and distraction-free atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for European fare, local flavors, inventive cuisine or Asian dishes, there’s a cafe to match your craving.

PersonallyEvaluate each cafe based on ambience, food quality, service and pricing. Look beyond the regular bustling restaurants and treat yourself to these hidden gems. Armed with this guide, you are sure to find your perfect private oasis in Ernakulam!

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