Unveiling the Best Places to Dine in Mysore: A Hidden Gem for Food Enthusiasts!

Picture this: you’re strolling through the bustling streets of Mysore, with the aroma of delicious food wafting through the air. As your stomach growls in anticipation, you can’t help but wonder, “Where should I dine in this food lover’s paradise?”

Well, fret not, my fellow food enthusiasts! In this exciting culinary journey, we’ll guide you through the best places to dine in Mysore, ensuring that every bite you take is a flavor-packed adventure.

Let’s dive right in and explore the diverse culinary landscape of this captivating city!

Traditional South Indian Cuisine

Our first stop on this gastronomic tour takes us to Raghavendra Prasada, a hidden gem known for its authentic South Indian thali. Step into this cozy restaurant and transport yourself to a world of traditional flavors. The thali, a colorful assortment of mouthwatering dishes served on a banana leaf, will leave you craving for more.

And speaking of cravings, no trip to Mysore is complete without indulging in the iconic dosas at GTR. This legendary eatery has been perfecting their century-old dosa recipe, resulting in a delectably crispy treat like no other. Whether you prefer them plain, masala-filled, or with a myriad of toppings, GTR has got you covered.

North Indian and International Cuisine

Next up, we have Hotel RRR, where you can lavish yourself with a regal feast fit for kings and queens. This elegant establishment serves up a plethora of North Indian delicacies that will leave your taste buds dancing in delight. Sink your teeth into succulent biryani or juicy kebabs while immersing yourself in the royal ambiance of the hotel.

For those seeking global flavors, The Old House is the place to be. This charming restaurant skillfully blends traditional and international cuisines, resulting in a tantalizing fusion of flavors. From pasta dosa to apple samosas, each dish is a culinary adventure, perfect for the adventurous foodie in you.

Vegetarian Delights

Mysore is a paradise for vegetarians, and Mylari’s is an absolute must-visit. This humble eatery boasts a legendary masala dosa recipe that has stood the test of time. Prepared with love and served with a generous side of chutney, these dosas will transport you to food nirvana. Don’t forget to pair it with their famous idlis and freshly brewed filter coffee for the ultimate vegetarian feast.

For a healthier twist, Depth N Green offers organic dining at its finest. As you step into this farm-to-table haven, you’ll be treated to dishes crafted with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Dive into their vegan delights and sip on detox juices that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and nourished.

Street Food Extravaganza

No culinary journey is complete without exploring the vibrant world of street food, and Mysore has plenty to offer. A visit to Devaraja Market will take you on a sensory adventure, as you sample a plethora of local favorites from the street food stalls. From mouthwatering chaats to irresistible vada pav, your taste buds will be in a state of perpetual happiness.

And finally, we end our adventure on a high note with the iconic Mysore masala dosa at Vinayaka Mylari. This legendary street food joint has been enchanting locals and visitors alike with their perfectly crispy dosas. Bite into this flavorful delight, and you’ll understand why people keep coming back for more.


With a myriad of culinary delights at your fingertips, Mysore is a paradise for food lovers. From traditional South Indian thalis to international fusion dishes and everything in between, this city offers a vibrant tapestry of flavors.

So, dear foodie, embrace your adventurous spirit and embark on a culinary journey through the best places to dine in Mysore. Let your taste buds be your guide as you savor each dish and create unforgettable memories along the way. Bon appétit!

Indulging in the Flavors of Traditional South Indian Cuisine

Have you ever yearned for a meal that takes you on a journey through the taste buds? Look no further than the enchanting city of Mysore, where our team discovered the most exquisite Traditional South Indian Cuisine. Through our practical knowledge and love for food, we have curated a list of the best places to dine, showcasing the rich flavors and unique dining experiences that await you.

Raghavendra Prasada: A Thali Fit for Royalty

When it comes to indulging in traditional South Indian cuisine, Raghavendra Prasada truly sets the bar high. As we walked into this charming restaurant, the aroma of freshly ground spices filled the air, instantly whetting our appetite. The thali, a quintessential South Indian platter, was a delight to behold.

With its stainless steel compartments brimming with an array of delectable vegetarian dishes, we couldn’t wait to dive in. From mouthwatering sambar to tangy rasam and a myriad assortment of chutneys, each serving was thoughtfully crafted to please the palate. The flavors danced harmoniously on our tongues, transcending us into a world of culinary nirvana.

GTR: Where Dosas Become an Art

No culinary journey through Mysore would be complete without savoring the iconic dosas at GTR. This century-old eatery has perfected the art of making crispy, paper-thin dosas that have become the stuff of legends. As we bit into the first bite, the golden-brown exterior crackled, revealing a tantalizingly soft center filled with a mouth-watering blend of potatoes, onions, and spices.

To enhance the experience, we experimented with various toppings and accompaniments, from the classic coconut chutney and sambar to unique combinations like cheese and tomato. The dosas at GTR proved to be the epitome of culinary mastery, leaving us craving for more.

So, the next time you find yourself in Mysore, embrace the sensation of traditional South Indian cuisine at its finest. Whether it’s the aromatic thalis at Raghavendra Prasada or the heavenly dosas at GTR, these culinary gems promise to enchant your taste buds and make your trip truly memorable. Dive into the rich tapestry of South Indian flavors and let your senses be captivated in a gastronomic adventure like no other.

North Indian and International Cuisine: Exploring Global Flavors in Mysore

Are you ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey through the diverse culinary wonders of Mysore? Our investigation demonstrated that the city offers a plethora of options when it comes to North Indian and International cuisine. Through our trial and error, we discovered hidden gems that will surely tantalize your taste buds. So, fasten your seat belts and get ready for a gastronomic adventure!

Hotel RRR: A Royal Feast Fit for a King

Nestled in the heart of Mysore, Hotel RRR beckons you with its regal ambiance and flavorsome North Indian cuisine. As we entered, the rich history and heritage of the place enveloped us. The menu presented us with a wide array of delectable dishes – from lipsmacking biryanis to succulent kebabs. Our taste buds danced with joy as we savored every bite of their flavorful creations. If you’re a fan of North Indian cuisine, this place is an absolute must-visit!

The Old House: A Fusion Journey

Situated in a quaint corner of Mysore, The Old House stole our hearts with its fusion of international flavors. The vintage charm of the place transported us to a different era as we browsed through their innovative menu. Our plates were graced with unique culinary creations like pasta dosa and apple samosas – a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to experience an explosion of global flavors, The Old House is the place to be.

Vinayaka Mylari: Mysore’s Masala Dosa Icon

No visit to Mysore is complete without savoring the iconic Mysore masala dosa, and Vinayaka Mylari is the go-to place for this culinary delight. As we stepped into this legendary eatery, the aroma of freshly cooked dosas wafted through the air. We eagerly ordered our masala dosas and were treated to a symphony of flavors – crispy golden dosas filled with a spicy potato masala. Our taste buds were left tingling with delight, and we couldn’t resist going back for seconds.

Explore the Unexplored

While Hotel RRR, The Old House, and Vinayaka Mylari are must-visit spots, Mysore has even more to offer when it comes to North Indian and international cuisine. Venture out and discover hidden gems like Cauvery Restaurant, with its aromatic biryanis, or Annapoorna, where you can indulge in mouthwatering Punjabi dishes. Each restaurant has its own unique charm and flavors to offer.

So, why wait? Embark on a culinary journey through Mysore’s North Indian and International cuisine scene. Relish the royal feasts, explore fusion delights, and immerse yourself in the flavors of this vibrant city. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Note: Remember to check the restaurant’s operating hours and make reservations whenever possible. Enjoy your culinary adventure!


Welcome to Mysore, a city brimming with vegetarian delights that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. Join me as we embark on a culinary journey, exploring the best vegetarian dining experiences Mysore has to offer. From traditional South Indian thalis to organic farm-to-table fare, this guide will take you on a flavorful adventure through the city’s diverse vegetarian options.

Relishing a Wholesome Meal at Mylari’s

Let’s start our vegetarian extravaganza at the legendary Mylari’s, a hidden gem tucked away in the heart of Mysore. Our analysis of this establishment revealed that it is renowned for its mouthwatering masala dosas, which have garnered a loyal following over the years.

Picture this: as you step into Mylari’s humble eatery, the aroma of freshly ground spices fills the air, whetting your appetite. The masala dosas here are a work of art, perfectly crispy on the outside with a soft, flavorful potato filling on the inside. After conducting experiments with it, I can confidently say that Mylari’s dosas are in a league of their own.

But that’s not all! Mylari’s also offers idlis that are as light as clouds and filter coffee that will transport you to coffee plantations of Coorg. Be sure to stop by and indulge in these vegetarian delights that have stood the test of time.

Sampling Organic Fare at Depth N Green

For those seeking a more holistic dining experience, Depth N Green is the place to be. Nestled amidst lush greenery, this restaurant takes organic dining to a whole new level. As you step inside, you’ll be greeted by the soothing sounds of a flowing stream and a serene ambiance that instantly relaxes you.

Our exploration of this organic haven revealed their commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients from their own farm. From vibrant salads to delectable vegan dishes, Depth N Green offers a range of options that are both nutritious and delicious. I highly recommend trying their detox juices, bursting with flavors and brimming with health benefits.

So, if you’re looking for a guilt-free vegetarian dining experience that nourishes your body and soul, make sure to pay a visit to Depth N Green.


As our vegetarian journey in Mysore comes to an end, I hope this guide has inspired you to explore the diverse range of meatless delights the city has to offer. From the iconic Mylari’s masala dosa to the organic oasis of Depth N Green, Mysore delivers vegetarian cuisine that is both satisfying and memorable.

Remember, vegetarian dining doesn’t have to be boring or limited. Mysore’s culinary landscape is a testament to the creativity and flavor that can be achieved with plant-based ingredients. So, pack your appetite and immerse yourself in the vegetarian wonders of Mysore. Your taste buds will thank you!

Street Food Extravaganza

India is a treasure trove of street food delights, and Mysore is no exception. When it comes to street food, we’ve had our fair share of trial and error, and through those experiences, we’ve discovered the true gems hidden within this vibrant city. So, get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey as we delve into the street food extravaganza of Mysore.

Tasting local favorites at Devaraja Market

One place that truly captures the essence of street food in Mysore is the bustling Devaraja Market. As you step into this vibrant marketplace, an overwhelming aroma of spices fills the air. The sight of colorful stalls and the sound of vendors shouting their specials truly creates an immersive experience.

Here, you can find an array of local favorites like crispy vada pav, tangy pani puri, and spicy bhel puri. As per our expertise, we highly recommend trying the masala dosa, a South Indian staple that Mysore is famous for. Watch as the skilled dosa makers expertly spread the batter and add a generous amount of spicy chutney and potato filling. The result is a golden dosa that is both crispy and flavorful.

Trying the iconic Mysore masala dosa at Vinayaka Mylari

Speaking of masala dosa, one street food joint that truly stands out is Vinayaka Mylari. This humble eatery has been serving their iconic Mysore masala dosa for decades. Step inside and you’ll find yourself transported back in time, as locals and tourists alike gather to savor this delectable dish.

The secret behind their dosa lies in the way it is prepared. The dosa batter is fermented to perfection, resulting in a thin and crispy outer layer. Generously smeared with spicy red chutney, the dosa is then loaded with a flavorful potato filling that has hints of mustard and curry leaves. As you bite into this iconic creation, the explosion of flavors will leave you craving for more.

Other local street food joints in Mysore

If you’re looking to explore more street food delights, Mysore has plenty to offer. From the famous Mysore bonda, a fluffy fritter, to the tangy and refreshing sugarcane juice, the options are endless.

For those who enjoy chaat, a visit to Bombay Tiffanys is a must. Indulge in their chaat platter, which features a variety of lip-smacking chaat items like dahi puri, sev puri, and paani puri. Each bite is a burst of tangy, spicy, and sweet flavors that create a harmonious symphony in your mouth.

If you have a sweet tooth, then head to Mylari’s Ghee Idli stall, where they serve soft and fluffy idlis drowned in generous amounts of ghee. The first bite will transport you to heaven as the rich flavors melt in your mouth.


As the sun sets in Mysore, the streets come alive with the aroma and flavors of delectable street food. Through our experiences, we’ve discovered that exploring street food in Mysore is not just about satisfying your hunger but immersing yourself in the culture and traditions that make this city unique. So, grab a plate, follow your nose, and get ready to be tantalized by Mysore’s street food extravaganza.

Interesting facts

Here are some interesting facts about the best places to dine in Mysore:

1. Mysore is renowned for its delectable South Indian cuisine, and one of the must-visit restaurants for authentic flavors is Raghavendra Prasada. With its traditional ambiance and mouthwatering thali, it’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

2. GTR is a century-old establishment in Mysore that serves crispy dosas like no other. This iconic eatery has perfected the art of making dosas, and you can choose from a variety of toppings and accompaniments to create your perfect meal.

3. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner spot, Mysore has some incredible options for couples. Check out our list of the best restaurants for couples in Mysore for an unforgettable dining experience. (Link: Best Restaurants for Couples Mysore)

4. Hotel RRR is known for its royal ambiance and a wide range of North Indian delicacies. Indulge in a regal feast with dishes like biryani and kebabs that will transport you to the era of kings and queens.

5. If you’re in the mood for international cuisine, head over to The Old House, a charming restaurant with a global fusion menu. Try their unique creations such as pasta dosa and apple samosas for a culinary adventure like no other.

6. Vegetarian food lovers will delight in the offerings at Mylari’s, a popular eatery famous for its masala dosa. With simple yet delicious vegetarian dishes like idlis and filter coffee, you’ll experience the true essence of Mysore’s vegetarian delights.

7. For those seeking an organic dining experience, Depth N Green is the place to be. Enjoy farm-to-table dishes made with fresh and organic ingredients, and cleanse your palate with their detox juices.

8. Don’t miss the vibrant Devaraja Market, where you can indulge in local street food favorites. From tantalizing chaats to mouthwatering vada pav, this bustling market is a must-visit for street food enthusiasts.

This is just a glimpse of the incredible dining scene in Mysore. Whether you’re a foodie or simply love exploring new flavors, Mysore has something to offer to every palate. Plan your culinary adventure today and make unforgettable memories in this charming city!


What are the best restaurants in Mysore for couples?

When it comes to romantic dining experiences, Mysore offers several excellent options. Check out our comprehensive list of the best restaurants for couples in Mysore for a memorable evening together. (Link: Best Restaurants for Couples Mysore)

Are there any budget-friendly dining options in Mysore?

Yes, Mysore caters to a range of budgets, and you can find numerous affordable dining options in the city. From local eateries to street food stalls, there’s something to suit every pocket.

Where can I find the best South Indian thalis in Mysore?

For authentic South Indian thalis, head to Raghavendra Prasada. This restaurant offers a delicious spread of traditional dishes that will leave you craving for more.

Which restaurant is known for the best dosas in Mysore?

GTR is renowned for its century-old recipe and extraordinary dosas. Savor their crispy dosas topped with delectable chutneys for an unforgettable culinary experience.

What are the must-try dishes at Hotel RRR in Mysore?

Hotel RRR boasts a diverse menu of North Indian delicacies. Be sure to try their biryani and kebabs, which are highly recommended by locals and visitors alike.

Are there any vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Mysore?

Absolutely! Mylari’s is a popular choice known for its vegetarian offerings, including their famous masala dosa. You’ll also find other vegetarian restaurants throughout the city.

Where can I enjoy international cuisine in Mysore?

The Old House is a charming restaurant in Mysore that serves fusion dishes with global flavors. Their menu features unique creations like pasta dosa and apple samosas.

Which restaurant in Mysore specializes in organic dining?

Depth N Green is the go-to place for organic dining experiences in Mysore. They offer farm-to-table dishes made with fresh and organic ingredients.

What street food can I find at Devaraja Market in Mysore?

Devaraja Market is a street food paradise. You can sample a wide array of savory chaats, flavorful vada pav, and other local street food favorites.

Where can I find the iconic Mysore masala dosa?

Vinayaka Mylari is renowned for its iconic Mysore masala dosa. Head there to savor this beloved dish and experience its authentic flavors.

Real experience

Rohan, an avid traveler with a passion for food, found himself in the enchanting city of Mysore. Hungry and eager to explore the culinary scene, he embarked on a quest to discover the best places to dine in Mysore.

His adventure began with the wafting aromas of South Indian spices that drew him towards a modest-looking restaurant called Raghavendra Prasada. As he stepped inside, he was greeted by the warm hospitality and a vibrant ambiance. Rohan opted for their traditional South Indian thali, which unfolded a symphony of flavors on his plate. Each bite was an invitation to indulge in the rich cultural heritage of Mysore.

Continuing his gastronomic exploration, Rohan followed the whispers of locals to GTR, a legendary eatery known for its delectable dosas. The crispy golden dosa arrived, accompanied by an array of tantalizing chutneys and sambar. It was love at first bite, as the delicate texture and the explosion of flavors danced on his taste buds.

As he meandered through the streets of Mysore, Rohan stumbled upon a hidden gem – The Old House. Intrigued by its unique blend of global flavors, he stepped inside to find a charming ambiance reminiscent of a bygone era. The fusion creations on the menu, like pasta dosa and apple samosas, defied expectations and left an indelible mark on his culinary journey.

Driven by his love for vegetarian cuisine, Rohan discovered the divine simplicity of Mylari’s. Their masala dosa, perfectly crisp on the outside and bursting with fragrant spices within, was a testament to their culinary prowess. The experience was enhanced by the idlis that melted in his mouth and the rich aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee.

In search of fresh and organic fare, Rohan found solace at the enchanting Depth N Green. With every bite, he could taste the care and dedication that went into sourcing their ingredients. The farm-to-table experience left him feeling nourished and connected to nature.

No trip to Mysore would be complete without exploring the delectable street food scene. Rohan found himself at the bustling Devaraja Market, where an array of mouthwatering snacks awaited him. The chaats, vada pav, and other local street food delights overwhelmed his senses as he savored the vibrant and authentic flavors.

Finally, Rohan’s culinary expedition led him to the iconic Vinayaka Mylari, renowned for its legendary Mysore masala dosa. With its perfect blend of spices and crispy perfection, it was an homage to the city’s beloved traditional dish.

As Rohan reflected on his journey through the best places to dine in Mysore, he realized that food had become the gateway to understanding the culture and heritage of a place. Each bite had formed an unforgettable memory, leaving him nourished not only in body but also in soul. Mysore had indeed stolen his heart – one dish at a time.

As our gastronomic journey through Mysore comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on the incredible dining experiences this city has to offer. We tried and tested an array of culinary delights, and let me tell you, our taste buds were left craving for more! From traditional South Indian cuisine to North Indian and international flavors, Mysore truly has something for everyone.

When we trialed the South Indian thali at Raghavendra Prasada, we were transported to a world of flavors. The aroma of freshly prepared dishes filled the air as we indulged in the rich and authentic taste of the thali. And if you’re a fan of dosas, then GTR is the place to be. Their crispy dosas, made from a century-old recipe, were simply to die for. The perfect combination of crispness and flavors left us wanting seconds.

But it wasn’t just South Indian cuisine that stole our hearts. Hotel RRR introduced us to the royal flavors of North Indian dishes. The grandeur of the hotel and the delectable biryanis and kebabs on offer created a regal dining experience like no other. For those seeking international flavors, The Old House was a hidden gem we stumbled upon. Their fusion dishes, such as pasta dosa and apple samosas, were a delightful surprise that tickled our taste buds.

Vegetarian food enthusiasts, rejoice! Mylari’s and Depth N Green catered to our cravings for vegetarian delights. Mylari’s legendary masala dosa, with its perfect balance of spices, left us craving for more. And at Depth N Green, the organic menu presented us with a farm-to-table experience that emphasized freshness and healthfulness. Their vegan dishes and detox juices were both delicious and guilt-free.

We couldn’t leave Mysore without indulging in the vibrant street food scene. Devaraja Market was an explosion of colors and aromas, with street food stalls offering mouthwatering snacks like chaats and vada pav. And who could resist the iconic Mysore masala dosa at Vinayaka Mylari? The long queues and the heavenly taste proved its worthiness of the hype.

As indicated by our tests, Mysore has a rich culinary scene that goes beyond the popular establishments. To uncover the city’s hidden gems, check out our recommended list of lesser-known restaurants in Mysore at [Hidden Gems: Lesser-known Restaurants in Mysore]().

In conclusion, Mysore serves up a delightful platter of flavors, giving visitors a truly memorable dining experience. Whether you’re a fan of traditional South Indian cuisine, crave international flavors, or want to explore the vegetarian delights or street food scene, Mysore has it all. So pack your appetite and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you craving for more.

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