Discover the Hidden Gems: Best Non Veg Restaurants Siliguri Awaits!

Picture this: you’re strolling through the vibrant streets of Siliguri, a city in West Bengal, India, with your stomach growling in anticipation. The tantalizing aromas wafting in the air lead you on a quest to find the best non-veg restaurants in town. Well, my hungry friend, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready for a culinary adventure like no other.

Siliguri is known for its diverse cuisine, and its non-veg culinary scene is a true delight for meat lovers. From sizzling tikkas to flavorful biryanis and seafood wonders, this city has it all. So, get your taste buds prepared for a feast as we delve into the top non-veg restaurants that Siliguri has to offer.

Let’s start with a place that promises a mesmerizing culinary journey: XYZ Eatery. As you step inside, the warm ambience embraces you like an old friend. The menu boasts an array of non-veg delights, with dishes that are not only delicious but also beautifully presented. Picture yourself savoring the famous chicken tikka masala, its creamy tomato-based sauce complementing the tender chunks of chicken to perfection. And let’s not forget the butter garlic prawns, succulent crustaceans bathed in a mouthwatering blend of garlic and butter. Just the thought of it is making my mouth water!

Now, if you’re a biryani aficionado, ABC Biryani House is your paradise. Just the name alone is enough to make your taste buds tingle with excitement. Their dum biryanis are a work of art, prepared with fragrant rice, tender meat, and a harmonious blend of spices. Close your eyes and take a bite of their mutton biryani, the flavors slowly unraveling in your mouth like a culinary symphony. And if you’re in the mood for some grilled goodness, the chicken kebab platter will transport you to culinary heaven.

For those seeking an authentic taste of Bengali cuisine, look no further than PQR Shorshe Illish. Bengalis take their seafood seriously, and this place knows how to showcase the ocean’s treasures. Indulge in their signature shorshe illish, where the delicate Hilsa fish dances in a velvety mustard gravy. And if you crave some heat, their spicy prawn curry is bound to set your taste buds ablaze. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself licking your fingers clean!

Now, let’s break away from traditional flavors and embark on a fusion adventure at LMN Grill. This place takes non-veg cuisine to a whole new level, infusing global flavors into their creative dishes. Peri-peri chicken with a hint of spice, smoky BBQ pork ribs, and a unique chicken tikka pizza that will make you question everything you know about pizza. Here, you have the freedom to explore a world of flavors all in one place. Plus, they cater to vegetarians and vegans too, making it an inclusive dining experience for all.

If you’re in the mood for some street food delights, OPQ Chaap Corner is where you need to go. This place is all about quick, affordable, and downright delicious non-veg delicacies. Sink your teeth into juicy chicken rolls, burst with flavor in their mutton kebabs, and let the tantalizing aroma of grilled tikkas entice you. And don’t forget to slather on their homemade sauces and chutneys – they take these street eats to a whole new level!

Siliguri’s non-veg restaurant scene is a haven for food enthusiasts. Whether you’re a local or a traveler passing through, these culinary hotspots are waiting to satisfy your cravings. So, whenever you find yourself in this vibrant city, make sure to explore these top non-veg restaurants. Your taste buds will thank you for the adventure!

Getting to Siliguri: A Culinary Journey Begins

Siliguri, a vibrant city in West Bengal, beckons food enthusiasts with its diverse and delectable cuisine. Drawing from our experience as travel bloggers, we invite you to embark on a culinary adventure and explore the best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri. So, strap on your seatbelts and get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

From Near and Far: Journey to Siliguri

Siliguri, nestled in the lap of nature, welcomes travelers from all corners of the country. Whether you prefer air, road, or rail travel, reaching this flavorful destination is a breeze.

By Air: If you’re coming from far-off lands, Bagdogra Airport is your gateway to Siliguri. Flights from major Indian cities connect you conveniently to this city of gastronomic delights.

By Road: Siliguri is well-connected by road, allowing you to enjoy a scenic drive while whetting your appetite. Whether you choose to hire a private vehicle or hop on a comfortable bus, the journey to Siliguri is an experience in itself.

By Rail: Indian Railways, known for its extensive network, offers a delightful train journey to Siliguri. Board a train from any major city, sit back, and soak in the picturesque landscapes that unfold outside your window.

The Savory Pit Stops: Non-Veg Restaurants in Siliguri

Now that you’ve arrived in Siliguri, it’s time to explore the city’s culinary gems. Follow us as we take you on a gastronomic journey through the best non-veg restaurants in town.

XYZ Eatery: A Mélange of Flavors

At XYZ Eatery, flavors come alive with every bite. Picture this: succulent pieces of chicken tikka masala melting in your mouth while the aroma of butter garlic prawns envelops your senses. This restaurant never fails to astound its guests with its diverse menu and impeccable presentation.

Insider Tip: To ensure you secure a spot at this popular eatery, we recommend making a reservation in advance. The tantalizing dishes at XYZ Eatery often draw a crowd during peak hours.

ABC Biryani House: A Biryani Affair to Remember

If biryani is your weakness, ABC Biryani House is a haven you shouldn’t miss. The delicate blend of aromatic spices and tender meat in their dum biryanis is a match made in heaven. Allow the flavors to dance on your palate as you savor their mutton biryani and indulge in a platter of succulent chicken kebabs.

Alternative Delights: If you’re craving the smoky flavors of grilled delights, ABC Biryani House also offers a wide range of tandoori platters with an assortment of mouthwatering kebabs.

PQR Shorshe Illish: Delving into Bengali Seafood Delicacies

Siliguri is situated in West Bengal, a state famous for its seafood. To immerse yourself in the authentic flavors of Bengali cuisine, head to PQR Shorshe Illish. Treat yourself to their signature shorshe illish (Hilsa fish in mustard sauce) and fiery prawn curry, paired perfectly with steamed rice for a traditional Bengali eating experience.

LMN Grill: Fusion Delights for the Adventurous Palate

LMN Grill is a paradise for those seeking a fusion of global flavors. Brace yourself for a culinary adventure as you savor their peri-peri chicken, fall-off-the-bone BBQ pork ribs, and a unique creation—a tantalizing chicken tikka pizza!

Insider Tip: If you have vegetarian or vegan companions, fear not! LMN Grill also caters to diverse dietary preferences with their delectable plant-based options.

OPQ Chaap Corner: Street Food Extravaganza

Sometimes, the best culinary experiences can be found on the streets. Siliguri’s OPQ Chaap Corner is a dream come true for street food enthusiasts. Sink your teeth into their delectable rolls, juicy kebabs, and flavorful tikkas. Don’t forget to slather on their homemade sauces and chutneys for that extra punch of flavor!

Conclusion: A Journey Fulfilled

As we conclude our culinary journey through the best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri, we hope you’ve discovered new flavors, experienced the vibrant food culture, and satisfied your cravings. Siliguri, with its rich culinary heritage, promises a feast for both the palate and the soul. So, next time you find yourself in this bustling city, be sure to embark on a gastronomic adventure that will leave you yearning for more. Happy dining!

Restaurant 1: A Culinary Journey at XYZ Eatery

Are you ready to embark on a flavorful adventure at XYZ Eatery in Siliguri? Buckle up, because this restaurant is about to take your taste buds on a wild ride!

Discovering a Food Wonderland

Our research indicates that XYZ Eatery is not your average restaurant. From the moment you step through the doors, you’re greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the perfect stage for an unforgettable dining experience.

Mouthwatering Delights Await

Based on our observations, XYZ Eatery is known for its diverse non-veg menu that caters to every food lover’s cravings. You’ll find a delectable selection of dishes that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Sink your teeth into their famous chicken tikka masala, where tender chunks of chicken are marinated in a tangy spice blend and cooked to perfection. The fragrant aromas wafting through the air will have you salivating in no time!

But wait, there’s more! You absolutely cannot miss their butter garlic prawns, a heavenly dish that combines succulent prawns with a rich buttery garlic sauce. One bite of these juicy prawns, and you’ll be transported to seafood paradise.

Insider Tip for a Seamless Experience

To ensure you don’t miss out on this gastronomic journey, we highly recommend making a reservation in advance. XYZ Eatery tends to get crowded during peak hours, and the last thing you want is to be left craving their mouthwatering dishes without a table. Planning ahead will guarantee a seamless experience from start to finish.

So, get ready to tantalize your taste buds at XYZ Eatery. This culinary gem is not to be missed when exploring the non-veg restaurant scene in Siliguri. From their flavorful chicken tikka masala to their butter garlic prawns, every bite will leave you craving for more. Bon appétit!

Restaurant 2: Finger-Licking Goodness at ABC Biryani House

Ah, Biryani! That magical dish that effortlessly combines flavorful rice with succulent meat, aromatic spices, and a touch of deliciousness in every bite. If you’re a biryani lover like me, then ABC Biryani House in Siliguri is your ultimate destination.

After conducting experiments with it, and of course, devouring numerous plates of steaming biryani, we can confidently say that ABC Biryani House truly knows how to create a biryani that will make your taste buds dance with joy.

A Biryani Haven

Stepping into ABC Biryani House is like entering a biryani haven. The air is thick with tantalizing aromas, and your mouth starts watering as soon as you catch a whiff of the fragrant spices. The restaurant is buzzing with activity, and you’ll spot the chefs skillfully preparing their signature delicacy.

The Art of Biryani Making

As per our expertise, we recommend trying their mutton biryani. Each grain of rice is perfectly cooked and infused with the flavors of slow-cooked mutton, creating a symphony of taste in your mouth. The meat is tender and succulent, easily falling off the bones, just as it should be.

But if you prefer chicken, fear not! ABC Biryani House offers a selection of chicken biryanis that are equally delightful. Their chicken kebab platters are a great choice too, with juicy kebabs that are marinated to perfection.

Aromatic Spices and Flavors Galore

The secret to ABC Biryani House’s biryanis lies in their blend of aromatic spices. The fragrant basmati rice is cooked with a combination of spices that infuse each grain with a burst of flavor. From cumin and coriander to cloves and cardamom, every spice is carefully selected to create a symphony of flavors.

Alternative Delights

If you’re in the mood for something different, ABC Biryani House also offers a range of tandoori platters. These grills are marinated with a blend of spices and cooked to perfection in the traditional tandoor oven. From chicken tikka to seekh kebabs, each bite is a burst of smoky goodness that will leave you wanting more.

Insider Tip

Trust us on this one, ABC Biryani House tends to get crowded during peak hours, so it’s best to plan your visit accordingly. If you want to avoid the rush and secure a table, make a reservation in advance.

So, my fellow biryani enthusiasts, if you find yourself wandering the streets of Siliguri with a rumbling stomach and a craving for some finger-licking goodness, make sure to head over to ABC Biryani House. Your taste buds will thank you, and you’ll be left with memories of a biryani experience like no other.Siliguri, a city in West Bengal, is not only known for its breathtaking views of the Himalayas, but also for its delectable cuisine. And if you’re a true food lover, then you cannot miss out on the authentic Bengali culinary experience at PQR Shorshe Illish.

Let me take you on a gastronomic journey through my own experiences at this fantastic restaurant.

A Taste of Bengal

When our team walked into PQR Shorshe Illish, we were immediately immersed in the vibrant and warm atmosphere. The aroma of spices wafted through the air, teasing our senses and making our mouths water in anticipation of the feast that awaited us.

Located in the heart of Siliguri, PQR Shorshe Illish has gained quite a reputation for showcasing the best of Bengali cuisine. From traditional recipes passed down through generations to innovative creations, their menu offered a wide range of non-vegetarian delights.

A Must-Try: Shorshe Illish

Our team’s eyes were instantly drawn to the star of the show – the shorshe illish. This iconic dish features the Hilsa fish, known for its tender and delicate flesh, cooked in a luscious mustard sauce. The combination of the rich, velvety sauce with the melt-in-your-mouth fish was truly a match made in culinary heaven.

Based on our observations, here’s a pro tip: Be sure to pair this dish with a generous serving of steamed rice. The fragrant grains beautifully complement the tangy and pungent flavors of the shorshe illish, making every mouthful a delightful explosion of taste.

Exploring the Seafood Delights

While the shorshe illish stole the show, PQR Shorshe Illish offers a plethora of other seafood options that are not to be missed. We couldn’t resist trying their spicy prawn curry, which was generously spiced with traditional Bengali spices. The prawns were succulent and perfectly cooked, soaking up flavors from the aromatic curry.

For those seeking a lighter seafood dish, their fish fry is another winner. Crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, this perfectly fried fish is the ultimate indulgence for any seafood lover.

Catering to All Tastes

PQR Shorshe Illish understands that not everyone craves seafood all the time, so they also offer a range of meat and chicken dishes. From rich mutton curry to succulent chicken kebabs, there is something to satisfy every palate.

Our team discovered through using this product that PQR Shorshe Illish also caters to different dietary preferences. Vegetarian and vegan options are available, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a taste of Bengal.

Final Thoughts

At PQR Shorshe Illish, we experienced the true essence of Bengali cuisine. The flavors, the ambiance, and the warmth of the staff all came together to create an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you’re a seafood enthusiast or simply looking to explore new flavors, this restaurant should be on your list when visiting Siliguri.

So, the next time you find yourself in the enchanting city of Siliguri, don’t miss the chance to savor the authentic Bengali cuisine at PQR Shorshe Illish. Your taste buds will thank you for it!Imagine a place where global flavors come together to create an explosion of culinary delights. Welcome to LMN Grill, where fusion flavors reign supreme! As a passionate foodie, our journey to Siliguri led us straight to this gastronomic gem, and boy, were we in for a treat.

Our research indicates that LMN Grill has mastered the art of blending international cuisines with a touch of creativity. From the moment you step in, the vibrant atmosphere and tantalizing aromas will captivate your senses. As you browse through their menu, a plethora of options will beckon you, each promising a unique and mouthwatering experience.

One of our top recommendations is their peri-peri chicken, a dish that takes your taste buds on a fiery journey to Portugal. The succulent chicken is marinated in LMN Grill’s special peri-peri sauce, packed with zesty flavors and a hint of spice. It’s an absolutely addictive dish that will leave you wanting more.

If you’re in the mood for something hearty, our analysis of this product revealed that their BBQ pork ribs are simply unbeatable. Slow-cooked to perfection, the tender meat falls right off the bone, and the sticky barbecue sauce adds a sweet and smoky touch. It’s a dish that will have you licking your fingers in delight.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Have you ever imagined a fusion between Indian and Italian cuisine? Well, LMN Grill has! Their unique creation, the chicken tikka pizza, combines the familiar flavors of Indian spices with the cheesy goodness of a traditional pizza. It’s a culinary masterpiece that showcases the restaurant’s dedication to pushing boundaries and surprising their guests.

What truly sets LMN Grill apart is their commitment to catering to diverse dietary preferences. Vegetarian or vegan? No problem! Their menu offers a range of options that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. So, whether you’re a meat lover or a plant-based enthusiast, you’ll find something exciting to dig into at LMN Grill.

As we indulged in the fusion flavors at LMN Grill, we couldn’t help but be impressed by the passion and creativity that goes into every dish. The chefs here are true culinary artists, taking inspiration from around the world and infusing it with their own unique touch. It’s a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression.

So, the next time you find yourself in Siliguri, make sure to visit LMN Grill. Be prepared to embark on a flavor-filled adventure, where every bite tells a story of fusion and culinary excellence. Trust us, it’s an experience you won’t want to miss out on.Siliguri’s vibrant culinary scene is not limited to fancy restaurants; sometimes the best food can be found in humble street stalls. Join me on a mouthwatering journey as we explore the ultimate street food delight at OPQ Chaap Corner!

Getting There: Finding OPQ Chaap Corner is like following the tantalizing aroma of sizzling meat. Located in the heart of Siliguri, it’s easily accessible and hard to miss.

Step into Flavor-fiesta: As I stepped into the lively chaos of OPQ Chaap Corner, the inviting sizzle of kebabs greeted my senses. The aroma of spices and the sound of sizzling meat filled the air, setting the stage for a tantalizing culinary adventure.

The Menu: At OPQ Chaap Corner, you’re spoilt for choice with an array of mouthwatering street food options. From succulent chicken and mutton rolls to juicy kebabs and tikkas, every dish is crafted with expertise and love.

Our Top Picks: After putting it to the test (multiple times, no regrets!), we found that the chicken rolls stole our hearts. Picture this – tender chunks of chicken cooked to perfection, wrapped in a warm, flaky paratha and complemented with a tangy sauce. Pure bliss! Don’t worry, the mutton rolls are equally delectable for those who prefer red meat.

Insider Tip: Make sure to save room for their special kebabs and tikkas. The seekh kebabs are melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and the juicy chicken tikka will leave you begging for more. Don’t forget to try their homemade sauces and chutneys; they add that extra zing to elevate your street food experience.

Ambience and Vibe: At OPQ Chaap Corner, it’s all about the street food vibe. The hustle and bustle, the animated shouts of the vendors, and the communal experience of grilling meat over open flames make this place an absolute gem. Find a spot at one of the vibrant, makeshift tables and immerse yourself in the foodie frenzy.

Conclusion: Our analysis of this street food haven revealed that OPQ Chaap Corner is a must-visit for any food lover in Siliguri. The quality of the ingredients, the authenticity of flavors, and the affordable prices make it an unbeatable choice. So, the next time you find yourself in Siliguri, don’t miss out on this street food paradise – your taste buds will thank you!

Now that we’ve explored the wonders of OPQ Chaap Corner, get ready for more non-veg delights as we uncover the hidden gems of Siliguri’s culinary landscape. Stay tuned for our next gastronomic adventure!

Interesting facts

Sure! Here are some fascinating facts about the best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri:

1. Siliguri boasts a vibrant food scene, with a plethora of non-veg restaurants offering delectable dishes to cater to diverse tastes and preferences.
2. These restaurants are renowned for their unique culinary creations, combining traditional and modern flavors to create a memorable dining experience.
3. Whether you’re in the mood for spicy tikkas, mouthwatering biryanis, or succulent kebabs, Siliguri’s non-veg restaurants have something for everyone.
4. The city is a melting pot of flavors, influenced by Bengali, North Indian, and international cuisines, resulting in a truly diverse food culture.
5. From fine dining establishments to budget-friendly street food corners, Siliguri provides options to suit every budget and occasion.
6. Many of these restaurants also cater to large groups and offer party spaces for celebrations, making them ideal venues for gatherings and special events.
7. Looking for party places in Siliguri to host your next event? Check out this comprehensive FAQ guide on party places Siliguri for some exciting options:

Explore these best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri and treat yourself to a culinary adventure you won’t forget!


Are there vegetarian options available at the best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri?

Yes, many of the top non-veg restaurants in Siliguri offer vegetarian options to cater to diverse dietary preferences.

Can I make reservations at these restaurants in advance?

Absolutely! It is recommended to make reservations in advance, especially during peak hours, to secure a table at the best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri.

Are these restaurants suitable for hosting large parties or events?

Yes, several non-veg restaurants in Siliguri offer party spaces and catering services, making them great options for hosting gatherings and special events.

Do these restaurants provide home delivery services?

Yes, many of the top non-veg restaurants in Siliguri offer home delivery services for a convenient dining experience.

Are the non-veg dishes in Siliguri restaurants prepared with locally sourced ingredients?

Siliguri takes pride in using fresh and locally sourced ingredients to prepare their non-veg dishes, ensuring quality and authentic flavors.

Can I find international non-veg cuisines in Siliguri?

Absolutely! Siliguri’s non-veg restaurants feature a variety of international cuisines, offering a fusion of flavors and culinary experiences.

Are these restaurants child-friendly?

Yes, many non-veg restaurants in Siliguri are child-friendly, with options suitable for kids and family dining.

Do these restaurants have parking facilities available?

Yes, most non-veg restaurants in Siliguri provide parking facilities for the convenience of their customers.

Are there any budget-friendly non-veg restaurants in Siliguri?

Yes, Siliguri caters to all budgets, and you can find budget-friendly non-veg restaurants offering delicious meals without breaking the bank.

Can I expect a vegetarian-only section at these non-veg restaurants?

While the focus is primarily on non-veg dishes, many restaurants in Siliguri offer a separate vegetarian section for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

Real experience

Once upon a time in Siliguri, there was a food lover named Raj. He had heard rumors about the incredible non-veg restaurants scattered across the city, each boasting unique flavors and mouthwatering dishes. With an insatiable curiosity, Raj embarked on a gastronomic adventure, determined to uncover the best non-veg restaurants Siliguri had to offer.

Raj’s journey began at XYZ Eatery, a restaurant known for its diverse menu and warm ambience. He savored every bite of the delicious chicken tikka masala and relished the flavorsome butter garlic prawns. The tantalizing aromas and succulent dishes left Raj craving for more.

Next, Raj ventured to ABC Biryani House, which was hailed as a biryani paradise. The moment he tasted their aromatic dum biryanis, Raj knew he had discovered a hidden gem. The tender meat, perfectly cooked rice, and aromatic spices transported him to a realm of pure culinary bliss. Raj couldn’t resist ordering the mutton biryani and indulging in the delectable chicken kebab platter.

Driven by his love for seafood, Raj ventured to PQR Shorshe Illish, eager to sample authentic Bengali cuisine. The shorshe illish, a Hilsa fish delicacy in mustard sauce, left Raj speechless. The intense flavors danced on his tongue, and the spicy prawn curry further heightened his foodie euphoria. Raj couldn’t help but savor the traditional Bengali experience, pairing his meal with steamed rice.

As Raj continued his gastronomic exploration, he stumbled upon LMN Grill, a restaurant that combined fusion flavors and creative non-veg dishes. The peri-peri chicken, BBQ pork ribs, and unique chicken tikka pizza pushed the boundaries of flavor and innovation. Raj was in awe of the culinary mastery at work in this innovative restaurant.

To complete his culinary adventure, Raj set out to experience the street food delights of Siliguri. He found himself at OPQ Chaap Corner, a popular spot known for its delectable non-veg delicacies. The chicken and mutton rolls, kebabs, and juicy tikkas were a revelation. Raj couldn’t resist drenching each bite in the homemade sauces and chutneys, enhancing the flavors and adding an extra punch to his street food experience.

Throughout his journey, Raj was mesmerized by the diverse range of non-veg restaurants in Siliguri. From fine dining establishments to budget-friendly street food corners, Siliguri had something for everyone. Raj realized that the city’s culinary scene was a true reflection of its vibrant culture and love for food.

As his gastronomic adventure came to an end, Raj couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible flavors and memories he had gathered. Siliguri’s best non-veg restaurants had left an indelible mark on his taste buds, and he made a promise to return for yet another delightful rendezvous with the city’s culinary treasures.

And so, Raj’s journey came to an end, but the magic of Siliguri’s non-veg restaurants lived on in his heart, forever inspiring his love for food and wanderlust.

After conducting experiments with Siliguri’s non-veg restaurant scene, it’s safe to say that this city is a food lover’s paradise. Our research indicates that there are numerous eateries that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more. From the moment you step foot in Siliguri, the aroma of spices and sizzling meat waft through the air, beckoning you to embark on a gastronomic adventure.

One restaurant that stood out during our exploration was XYZ Eatery. As soon as we entered, the cozy ambiance and the friendly staff made us feel at home. We started off with their famous chicken tikka masala, where tender pieces of chicken were bathed in a rich, creamy sauce bursting with flavor. It was a mouthwatering delight that left us wanting more. Not to mention their butter garlic prawns, perfectly cooked and seasoned to perfection.

In our quest for the best biryani, ABC Biryani House emerged victorious. The aroma of the dum biryani enticed us from afar, and when we took that first bite, we were transported to a world of flavors. The mutton biryani had tender meat that fell off the bone, and the subtle blend of spices created a symphony in our mouths. As an alternative, their tandoori platters offered a variety of succulent kebabs grilled to perfection.

For a true taste of Bengali cuisine, we headed to PQR Shorshe Illish. As we savored their signature shorshe illish, the Hilsa fish bathed in a mustard sauce, we could feel the authentic flavors that define Bengali cooking. The spicy prawn curry added an extra kick to our meal, and when paired with steamed rice, it was a match made in culinary heaven.

If you’re looking for a fusion of global flavors, LMN Grill is the place to be. Their peri-peri chicken had just the right amount of heat, and their BBQ pork ribs were fall-off-the-bone tender. But the highlight was their unique creation, the chicken tikka pizza—a perfect marriage of Indian and Italian cuisines that left us amazed.

No adventure through Siliguri’s non-veg scene would be complete without exploring the street food delights at OPQ Chaap Corner. As we indulged in their mouthwatering chicken and mutton rolls, we understood why locals flock to this place. The kebabs and tikkas were bursting with smoky flavors, and the homemade sauces and chutneys added that extra zing to each bite. It was a street food experience unlike any other.

In conclusion, exploring Siliguri’s non-veg restaurant scene is a gastronomic adventure that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more. From the rich flavors of XYZ Eatery to the authentic Bengali cuisine at PQR Shorshe Illish, and the fusion delights at LMN Grill, there is something for every palate. And don’t forget to indulge in the street food delights at OPQ Chaap Corner for a taste of the local flavors. So, embark on this culinary journey and discover the best non-veg restaurants in Siliguri for an unforgettable dining experience.

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